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Luma Design logo

I was standing with a friend beside the playground and I asked, "What should I name my business"? She said, "Name it after your family!" So the name Luma is composed of the initials of my family members, and implies light.

Luma's logo reflects my love of nature with a silhouette of a tree in front of the full moon. I also wanted to reflect my Asian ancestry. The curve of the tree trunk echoes the yinyang curve - yinyang is a Chinese philosophy based in harmony and balance.

In Western culture, it’s common for an artist to sign their name on original artwork. In Eastern culture, it’s customary for an artist to use a chop, an identifying symbol. For Luma's chop I used ancient calligraphy for sun and moon, sources of light:

Full logo:

For fun, I also made a more colorful 3D version to use as a profile icon when needed:


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