why aren't there more photos of printed pieces?

I often am asked to upload the digital files to the printer chosen by my client. The boxes are shipped to the client's office, and I typically won't get samples unless the printer or cient kindly remembers to send me a few! As everyone is busy, this often gets overlooked . . .

why don't live websites look like their screenshots?

After going Live, websites are turned over to the client, along with a tutorial video which shows them how to edit their site. The website is then left in my client's care (unless they get stuck and ask me to help!).  I'm always happy to see clients updating their own websites – it keeps the site fresh and interesting.

why isn't your illustration related to your design work?

I once thought about leaving graphic design and becoming a children's book illustrator. I still draw and paint for pleasure (or if needed for design projects).

why do edamames have hairs?

Hmm, this is a question my daughter asked me when she was four.
If you know, or if you have any other questions for me, please contact me.